Let's talk about...ball dress shopping!

So it's coming up to that time of the year once again; The Ball! I have been looking at a few ball dresses online for a while and I was totally sold on the fact that Royal Blue was my colour. One of my teachers actually mentioned that there was a ball dress expo on the weekend, so I asked my mum if me and a friend could go over and have a look, and so we did. 

The first dress that I tried on was a Royal Blue dress (like the one that I had been looking at online) I walked out and had a look in the mirror and then realized that Royal Blue was actually not my colour. I then started to look at other colour's, I found a few pastel colour dresses tried them on then saw that they totally washed me out. By now I had tried on about fifteen different dresses, and I had come to terms with the colour's that actually looked the best on me where burgundy red, white, and dark navy blue. 

I really recommend going and trying on colour's before you go and purchase a beautiful dress online, spend a lot of money, and  you might not like the dress when you try it on. Besides it was a really lovely day out and it was actually really fun; my mum, my auntie, my friend, and I were basically laughing all day at how funny me and my friend looked in ball gowns.

Sunsets and Salty Hair,



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