Let's talk about...dealing with stress.

Since I am the sort of person who gets stressed out really easy, I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to deal with stress and accepting the fact that I am actually stressed or very anxious about something.One of the most biggest times in your life is high school, and I am actually nearly half way through my five years at high school, and let me tell you that it is so so so stressful. Lately one of the things that has been stressing myself out is trying to find a career that I will enjoy for the rest of my life! and really its actually not to much of a worry because I still have two and a half years to decide but apparently my brain decides that it wants to turn something that actually don't need to worry about into something huge. So that's why today I am talking about dealing with stress.

Accepting the fact that you are actually really stressed out about something helps so much with dealing with stress.This will then lead you to the next stage which is finding out what your stressed about, which could be something as simple as not having enough time in the day to get what you want to get done actually done or as big as having to complete maths homework and a fifteen hundred word essay for English.

The next thing to do is to actually look after yourself, looking after yourself is the most important thing. When I feel all stressed I usually have  to resort to having a pamper night, pamper evenings are usually related to painting your nails and putting a face mask on. I definitely do those things but I also like to have more of a mental one, I normally start by running a bath with bath bubbles and letting myself sit back in the hot water and try to relax and clear my head. the next obvious thing to do is talk to someone about the situation and the thing that is stressing you out so much. Then let yourself indulge in all the goodies that you have in the cupboard.

One of the most amazing things in the world is exercise, honestly when I feel really stressed out about something I grab my running shoes and go for a run. the fresh air clears my head and I actually have some thinking space.

The last thing that I suggest doing is doing something that you enjoy, this could be reading, writing, baking or what ever you absolutely love doing. For me it is drawing, i absolutely love to draw. Also don't dwell on the past because you cant change it and it will make you feel even worse, concentrate on the future and what you have been planning to do.

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