My favorite shoes!

I recently purchased some new shoes and I absolutely love them, so I thought I would share my two favorite pairs of shoes. 

Raise your hand if you love boots! (ME) These boots are very new, so I have only worn them a few times but I absolutely love them. I purchased these from Hannah's shoe store, and I am quite picky when it comes to boots so it wasn't just this one pair of boots that I tried on. They were exactly what I was looking for, they can be laced up, they have a zip on the side, they are brown leather, and they are also super comfy.Zip these up with a pair of jeans or tights, a warm knitted cardigan and you will look so nice and warm. I would really recommend these boots if there is anyone out trying to find a new pair.          

Okay so personally I think everyone needs a pair of converse whether they are like these ones low cut or like high tops. They are super super comfy, their laces are not too long (who has that struggle when the laces are way too long on some shoes? I do), and the colour is a really nice pale blue that you can wear with almost everything. Chuck these on in winter with a pair of jeans rolled up a little at the bottom and a nice warm knit, you will honestly look and feel so casual and comfy. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, and here are the links for the shoes:
Converse All Stars
Lace up boots

Sunsets & Salty Hair 


  1. Nice post! I own a pair of high top white Converse and they are so comfy! And also, the laces are long, though.

    I hope you are having a lovely day. Would you mind checking out my two latest blog post?


    Jeff. x | Blog | Bloglovin' | Pinterest

  2. Thank you so much!! Hahaha I always have trouble with having really long laces its just these arnt as long :) and i would love to check out your posts

    Sunsets and Salty Hair


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