DIY Photo garland!!

Hey loves!! I haven't posted in forever because I went back to school and my life suddenly got busier, and I've missed posting so much. So today I thought I would share a little DIY with ya today! I actually made this one about a year ago and I absolutely love seeing it when I walk into my room, because if I'm having a really bad day then all I have to do is look up at these quotes and photos and it inspires and motivates me to pretty much tell myself that this isn't the end of the world. So anyway here is the DIY Photo garland!!

What you will need:
- String or yarn
- Clear tape
- Photos of your own or printed off the computer
- Quotes that you love
- Bluetack

Once you have picked out your photos and quotes you can then arrange them on the floor to find out how you want them to be placed when you stick them to the string.
Cut out how long you would like your string to be; mine was approximately 90cm, and cut out about three different bits of string the same length.
Then when you are happy with how you want it to look you can stick the clear tape onto your photos and attaching them to the string.
Then take tome blue take and place your three lengths of string and place them as shown above in the photo, and you are done!
You could also make it look even better by sticking some little wooden pegs on wear the tape is to make it look all pretty and tumblr!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite quote is and if you try this DIY out?

Sunsets And Salty Hair, 


  1. I've got a similar garland above my desk, except that I used fairy lights as a string to make it look a little more special. Super cute idea! xx

  2. Thank-you so much!! If i did it again i would probably make it prettier thats for sure :)

    Sunsets and Salty Hair


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