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Hey loves! So this post today is gonna be a bit more girly so sorry to the guys that read my blog (if there are any) Since I really love to do my hair and learning new ways and styles, i thought I would share a few things that i have seen on the internet that has given me a little bit more inspiration to explore and try new styles with my hair.

So the first thing that i would love to share with you is this talented girl who owns a website/blog called Kassinka and honestly I have tried so many different hairstyles that I have seen on her blog as well as her Youtube channel, and they turn out really great! Her tutorials are really easy to follow and learn from so I would really recommend checking her social medias out! 

 Okay so her is yet another talented woman, and her name is Sarah Nourse! She has designed her own unique hair pins and hair ties with metals, and they are just so cute (this is one of her many hair pins that she has designed in the picture above) Her website is called Rosy Blonde and I definitely would go check that out if your really into hair accessories like myself! :)

Sunsets and Salty Hair,

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P.p.s I hope everybody is having a lovely week, any suggestions for my next blog post?
:) <3


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