A little catch up...

Hey loves! It feels like I haven't posted in forever, so I thought it might be a fun idea to share a few facts about me and maybe have a little catch up with ya all.

- I'm a farm girl but I also really love to dress up and experiment with new looks when ever I get the chance too.

- I love my pets and I have two horses, a cat, a dog, and a goldfish( also a lot of cows too).

- I have an Instagram account especially for my artwork where I like to share all my drawings and its called @thatartgirl__ 

-I really love photography and I am hoping that one day I will be able to travel around New Zealand taking photographs.

- My favorite cold drink would have to be either a smoothie or a Iced Chocolate, and my favorite hot drink would have to be a hot chocolate.

- I would really like to travel to Paris, Greece, Britain,Australia, and maybe america one day.

- I really love to red other peoples blogs, so if you leave a comment with your blog linked I would love to check it out.

- My friends and family are the absolute best and I love them to bits.

- Its crazy that I have a blog, but yet I don't own any makeup (although I would really like to, my mum hasn't really let me yet) 

- I'm fifteen years old and I'm a single pringle.

- I love to play sport and be all fitnessy (lol I don't think that's a word but I'm gonna roll with it anyway)

- I like to read books with love story's and/or adventure in them, by the way I'm nearly finished Fangirl now and omg it's such a good book.

- I am hoping to go to university and study architecture or something to do with design and being creative.

- My photography camera that I use is the Canon 600D and I absolutely love using it.

- I listen to country music and my favorite artists right now are: Dan + Shay, Kelsea Ballerini, Maddie and Tae, Hunter Hayes, and Raelynn.

So that was just a few facts about me that I could think of on the spot! How about in the comments you share a fact with me about you, I would love to read them! Thank you so much for reading, it means so much to me that I have people reading my blog. <3 

Sunsets and Salty Hair, 



  1. Love all your Country artist recommendations!

    1. Awe thankyou so much!! Honestly if any of them were having a concert in New Zealand I would so go!!


  2. Your pets are adorable! Haven't read the book yet, trying to get my hands on it for the summer :)

    xx, rebecca

    1. Such a good idea, you'll really enjoy it!! :)<3

  3. This is such a lovely post! I'm so excited to read Fangirl, I adore Rainbow Rowell's books! Also your pictures are lovely! :) xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Rainbow Rowell is such an amazing author and I'm yet to read her other books.


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