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Let's talk about...deleting people from your life.

So a couple of days ago I went with one of my best friends on a trip to go shopping and watch a movie, we had so much fun together window shopping, sipping away at a hot chocolate, and watching finding Dory! Then we got back to her place and she found out that someone was being very nasty to her online because of what she had said about them, and she was very upset and I sat there and told her that every thing would be all right and tried to make her feel a little better. The next day I was scrolling down my insta feed and then I saw a post from her and she was saying some really nasty things about someone as well as telling them to "get the hell out of my life". So I messaged her and asked her who the post was about, and it was about... Me!  The things that she said had really upset me, she said she wanted me out of her life so that's exactly what I did! The first thing I thought was how could a friend say something so nasty about one of her friends who had helped

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